Increasing Feed Intake Has Never Been Easier With the New Lely Juno!

Automating the recurring work of feed pushing will increase feed pushing frequency at the same time as reducing your labor requirements. You’ll save up to 180 hours a year; valuable time you can now spend on other activities on your farm. In addition, you’ll benefit from a clean feed alley, day and night, and a reduction in fuel usage since you no longer need the tractor to push feed.

Can be easily controlled with the Lely Control Plus app, which uses a Bluetooth connection.

Designed for any type of barn!

Low energy consumption

Left and right pushing of roughage

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Feed pushing. Minus You.

Frequent feed pushing, throughout the day and night, stimulates the dry matter intake of the herd. This optimizes rumen health, feed efficiency and productivity.

By automating this recurring work, you make your life easier, your production more efficient and your business more successful.

By automating feed pushing, you give yourself the flexibility needed for other important management activities on the farm. Herd health, forage harvesting and feeding calves can all be done knowing that the feed pushing is still being handled.