Abts Equipment carries only the very best bulk tanks on the market.

We've partnered with Fabdec to create top-of-the line bulk milk tanks that can be custom sized for any dairy, including those with limited or restricted space.

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All Stainless Steel construction for long lasting durability and hygiene. 

Thick polyurethane insulation creates high rigidity and excellent insulation, significantly reducing running costs.

Our tanks are built with different numbers of agitators depending on tank size. Our smaller tanks (up to 3000 gallon) have a single agitator while larger tanks (up to 8000 gallon) are built with 3 agitators.

Arctic Chill's unique dimple plate technology allows milk to be cooled efficiently, even at low milk volumes. 

Features of our ARCTIC CHILL Bulk Tanks:

  • High Durability

    Every ARCTIC CHILL tank is manufactured from high quality stainless steel resulting in a superior hygienic finish.

  • Energy Saving

    Polyurethane foam (CFC Free) is injected between the inner and outer tanks creating high rigidity and excellent insulation, thereby reducing running costs.

  • Outstanding Washing

    High pressure water jetting action from the rotary spray head teamed with the ARCTIC KLEEN tank wash controller provides fully user-programmable washing sequences with automatic dosage of chemicals, ensuring tank cleaning of the highest standards. Arctic Kleen comes in either a Classic or Supreme model to best fit your needs

  • Excellent Milk Quality

    The quality of the milk and the level of butterfat is maintained by the gentle blending motion of the paddle(s).

  • Excellent Cooling

    The large surface area of ARCTIC CHILL’s unique dimple plate technology allows the milk to be cooled efficiently via direct contact with the plates, even at low milk volumes. The plates start at the bottom and go up both sides.

  • Low profile models available

    An ARCTIC CHILL low profile model is available for installation in dairies with restricted height or space.

  • Suitable Levels of Agitation

    300 - 3000 gallon - 1 agitator    3250 - 5000 gallon - 2 agitators     5500 - 8000 gallon - 3 agitators

  • Proper Pitching of Tanks

    All tanks are aggressively pitched to provide quick and efficient emptying of tank.

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